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Last updated November 27, 2021
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For Sale: Aoyama Monarch Gold harp D-47 natural. #126-3652, purchased new in 2001 by present owner, in excellent condition, with both warm and clear tone, extraordinary bass sound, lighter tension strings and buttery pedals, restrung and regulated by Mike Lewis in April 2021. Gold finish still like new, harp rarely moved. Compares favorably to Lyon and Healy gold 23 in looks and sound. Used mainly for chamber music, see Youtube sample. Weighs about 77 lbs. Comes with dust cover and packing cover. Offered at $24,950 or best offer (new price is $35,000). More info and photos upon request. Located in San Francisco Bay Area. Contact, 925-5333, Livermore, CA

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For Sale: 46 year-old Lyon & Healy Gold Style 17 harp in wonderful condition both structurally and mechanically. It has been extremely well cared for, rarely moved and basically not played in the past 25 years, so there has been little wear and tear. The wood and the gold show beautifully, in virtually perfect condition, with only a few very small marks. There is a very slight twist in the neck but not a problem. There is NO clicking in the rivets/mechanism and the sounding board, center strip, base and base frame are all in excellent condition. After not having been played for years, the sound has opened up nicely - a big base and lovely warm, full sound and very even throughout. The harp has been regularly maintained and regulated by the current owner.
The harp has just been restrung with Bow Brand Strings; 1st oct. nylon, 2nd -3rd oct. gut and tarnish resistant wires. Most of the 4th and 5th oct gut strings were also replaced with BB gut. The harp received a full inspection and regulation by Karen Gottlieb, L&H certified harp technician, in January 2021, and is 'good to go'. Asking price: $24,000. The harp is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and comes with a Lyon and Healy dust cover. Please contact Maria Danly at 415-810-5036, for more information. Flyer
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For Sale: Lyon and Healy Style 11 concert grand, natural finish. Originally purchased new in 2014, original owner. Regularly maintained by technicians, Karen Gottlieb and Mike Lewis. The harp is in excellent condition with a big, warm, clear and bright tone. Asking $30,000 including dust cover, a set of transport covers, and a bench. Located in the San Jose area. Contact Additional photos 1, 2 and 3.
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For Sale: Salvi Electra harp, $24,000 obo. Beautiful warm sound, used on all of Georgia Kelly's recordings after 1980. Comes with shipping trunk and adjustable padded harp bench. Karen Gottlieb valued this harp at the above price in 2019. The sound quality of this instrument is second to none. From the highest notes to the lowest bass strings, the quality is even and projects beautifully. Great for solos, orchestral work and recording. Harp is located in Sonoma, CA. Contact Georgia at
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For Sale: Swanson Empire, Semi-Gilded Concert Grand #129, built 1996. This harp shows beautifully, It's a warm rose-colored wood with gold plated figures and ornaments and a lovely sounding board decal. Cosmetically, it's in truly perfect condition. And it's in excellent condition both structurally and mechanically. The harp has no problems!! At 25 years old, the harp is well preserved, barely been played and rarely moved. It comes with a blue travel and column cover as well as a large wooden trunk. Link to full appraisal information and photos. Sale price as is: $16,750. Please contact Lori Seed at, 650-892-7154. The harp is located in San Jose, CA 95125.
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Fore Sale: 2000 Venus Model 75, 46-string semi-grand pedal harp. Very good condition. Harp was restrung in October 2021. Harp was regulated in October 2021. Included in the sale price: harp dolly, adjustable bench, tuning fork, soft cover, shipping crate, chromatic tuner, 2 tuning keys, tuning key pouch, battery metronome. Asking $12,500. Please contact Janet Hamm Link to flyer.
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For Sale: Lyon and Healy Style 19 pedal harp, built in 1927, serial #3001. Blonde wood, gold leafing, recently restrung, and in very good condition. It has some wear to the leafing. It has a beautiful, clear sounding upper register, appropriate for chamber music as well as a second chair symphonic position. (A Style 19 is a semi-grand model with 46 strings, similar in size to a Style 17. 70", 70 lbs.) Asking $21,000 but willing to entertain other offers. Contact Joanne Addy at, 510-424-2570. Harp is located in Hercules, CA. Additional photos.
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For Sale: Salvi Daphne 40 string harp, built mid-1990's. Some marks on the finish, but sound. Recently restrung, reflected and regulated. Comes with cloth cover, folding bench, some extra strings, a set of Berger wheels and some music. $4500 OBO. Link to additional photos. Located in North Monterey County, but will deliver to the Bay Area for a fee. Contact Pamela at 831-768-1751 or email
Wanted: Lyon and Healy Ogden harp in very good to excellent condition, prefer Ebony or Natural color. Up to $3000, depending upon the age of the harp. Please contact Peggy at
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For Sale: Blevins Espre 36. Bought new in 2003, it is in excellent condition. It is a natural honey colored wood and cosmetically it shows very well. It has a wonderful big, bright and lively sound which rings out equally and evenly in all octaves. Regulated and appraised 11/12/2021 by Karen Gottlieb. New set of strings before regulation. Included is the cover/carrying case, tuning key, and stool can be added as well. $3300. Contact Sharla Capener at 408-504-7221 or Harp is located in Cupertino.
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For Sale: Salvi Mia lever harp, 34 strings, Cherry finish. It has a rich and clear sound with lightened string tension. It's a perfect harp for beginners of any age. Original owner, purchased in October 2017. Well maintained, like new. It will be a great gift for a new harpist. Asking $2500. Contact Sonya Yu at Additional photos
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For Sale: Lyon and Healy Folk Harp. 34 strings, pedal harp tension. Has a few cosmetic dings but clear sound. Asking $1200 OBO. Link to photos Please contact Kathleen Cook at
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For Sale: Dusty Strings Ravenna 34. Price $2200, includes full levers, 1' legs, 5" legs, 8" legs, drop down leg, built in pickup, deluxe carrying case, pretty dust cover, string set, tuning key. Just regulated in May 2021. Made in 2008. It is a young harp that had only 1 owner and was used very lightly. New would cost over $4000. This is a very versatile lever harp that can be used by a beginner or a professional. It has a brilliant sound. Dusty Strings harps are very well built and can fit virtually any size person, because of all the leg options that come with this harp. Here is a Youtube video comparing the sound of the Ravenna 34 with the Merlin 35. Contact Marina in Reno, NV 775-772-9832 or
For Sale: George Leverett 2008 nylon harp, from Altarwind Music in Oregon, 30 strings, 4 octaves, A to G, comes with tuning key and custom carry cover, clear and even tone, asking $1800 (new price was $2400).
The harp is in excellent condition and is being sold to serve as a down payment on a pedal harp for a student. Comes with a full set of new strings and lever washers from Robinson's Harp Shop. Located in Livermore. Please inquire with Dominique Piana at 925-455-5333 or Photos can be viewed here. Pictures 1-4 are the Leverett, pictures 5-10 are the Triplett, which has been sold).
For Sale: Pratt Blond Debutante Lever Harp, 36 strings. Serial #710102. A great starter harp; only 1 owner, originally purchased in 2006. $3000. Includes tuning key and cover. A description and image of the harp can be found at Contact Dan Levitan:, 510-304-1515 (cell).
For Rent with possible option to buy: Lyon and Healy 17 gold, built 1974. $200/month with $350 security deposit. Owner is looking for a good home for the harp, preferably someone who will not move the harp and is a relatively light player who will not put too much excess wear and tear on the harp. Owner is possibly interested selling the harp but wants to wait for 6 months to a year. When she decides to sell, should the renter want the 'option to purchase', there would be a rental/purchase price reduction. Please contact seller directly for more information.  Flyer with photos and more details.
For Rent: Lyon and Healy Refurbished Style 14, Gold, $150/month. 43 strings. Gorgeous, great tone. Contact Adele Stinson: 650-868-9468 or
For Rent: Dusty Strings lever harp FH 36B (36 strings). Contact Tamara Mead at 650-283-9095 or
For Rent: Lever harps, 34 strings, Folk style, by Lyon and Healy, and Aida style by Salvi. Contact Sonya Yu at 408-666-7899 or
For Rent: Lever and pedal harps by Dusty Strings, Pat O-Loughlin, Salvi, Lyon & Healy, Venus. Includes harp tuning key, case/cover, electronic tuner with pick-up. Contact Carol Holsinger at 650-326-3146 or
For Rent: Celtic lever harps, Harpsicles, Latin harps and one Renaissance harp for rent. Located in Berkeley. See for newly updated list of available rental and scholarship harps. Harpsicles available for group lessons. This non-profit organization is focused on good quality, mostly light-tension harps (Latin, wire-strung, Renaissance), as well as a nice variety of lever harps. Contact
Harps For Rent: Contact Karen Gottlieb, (415) 244-1764,,
Currently available: Lyon and Healy Troubadour Harp Style C with 33 strings (low 6th octave C to high 1st octave G). The harp has a new set of high performance levers. For info:
Harps Etc. rents, sells and teaches the harp. We carry most major brands so you have the ability to try different harps from different makers in one place to ensure that you get the harp that you love to play. We offer rent-to-own, six months same-as-cash, and long term rental programs. Harps Etc. also carries a large selection of music, strings, and accessories and offers harp regulations and repairs. We are the only full-service harp store on the West Coast! or call 1-800-836-5559.
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For Sale: Original Harp Caddy. Asking $250. Please contact Kathleen Cook at
Harp Technician: Mike Lewis, the Harp Tech. Available for regulations, general maintenance and appraisals.
Lyon and Healy and Salvi Harps Certified Harp Technician: Karen Gottlieb. or 415-386-0702. Regulations, and warranty regulations, general maintenance, appraisals, insurance appraisals and restringing.
Dominique Piana published the following music in 2020 through Harpiana Publications:
Bochsa, Grande Sonate for the harp from op. 60
Hasselmans, Étude mélodique op. 35 for solo harp
Poenitz, Trouvère (Minnesänger), Salon Piece for harp, op. 69
Dolmetsch, Cantilène from 15 Pieces for piano, tr. Hasselmans  for cello (or violin) & harp  
Oelschlegel, Harfen-Serenade, First Trio for violin, cello & harp (or piano)                                                 
Oelschlegel, Zweite Harfen-Serenade, Second Trio op. 107 for violin, cello & harp
*Her editions are available on the website, where much historical commentary is also available for browsing.    
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Krista Stephens, harpist, artist and calligrapher, has created beautiful harp stationery, which can be ordered plain or personalized with your choice of calligraphy style. The note cards may be ordered from her Flourish and Dot website on this page. 50-count 5 x 8" harp notepads are also available.
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Janice Ortega has created a fun 11 x 17" poster, suitable for framing, reflecting on what the Harp has taught her about life. The poster is based on the book, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten".
This is a tabloid-size, 11 x 17 inch poster printed in color on 32 lb. premium, heavyweight, 100% cotton paper, recommended for use with graphics solids, and strongly saturated colors.
The poster is suitable for framing or for affixing it to poster board for upright display.

You may order it for $25 each from her website at this link.
ATTENTION HARPISTS: In 2020, local non-profit, The Multicultural Music Fellowship ( was proud to be able to award 10 scholarships to harpists around the country to take the "Harp Secrets" course by Dr. Cheryl Ann Fulton. The overwhelmingly positive reviews from all 10 recipients has inspired MCMF's Board of Directors to vote to offer 6 more scholarships for this wonderful course. If you are interested in being awarded a scholarship to take this course, contact the Multicultural Music Fellowship at: Learn more about MCMF.
*About this course: Cheryl's course is a holistic harp method to help harpists develop an expressive, healthy, and richly musical approach to playing the harp. The course is appropriate for all styles of harp; pedal, lever, lap, Latin, historical, etc, and for all levels of proficiency.

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