2012 Event Reviews

Third Annual String Fever Concert a Great Success!

The String Fever harp ensemble concerts keep getting better and better. Our third annual concert was given Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Jose. Diana Stork, harpist-composer and director of the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble, was a featured guest artist. Teed Rockwell, percussionist, and five other members of the BAYHE joined Diana, in addition to fourteen harpists from our chapter.

The audience was very appreciative, and donations from the event went toward the Student Scholarship Fund of the Silicon Valley Chapter. A reception followed the concert and was coordinated by Sue and Ken Dinwiddie.

Chapter members who performed included: Martha Bailey, Kristal Schwartz Barlaan, Annamarie Bettisworth, Sue Dinwiddie, Bob Fonda, Gwen Halterman, Carol Holsinger, Paul Hurst, Dan Levitan, Anna Lorenz, Tamara Mead, Debbi Ricks, Linda Rollo, Diana Stork, and Brian Swager. Lynn Bailey, pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, accompanied the ensemble on the organ. Videos of the concert have been uploaded to Youtube and can be viewed at:

Paul Hurst’s arrangement of Bolero for multiple harps and organ was performed for the second time, with the added contribution of Teed Rockwell on percussion. Two of Diana Stork’s original compositions; St. Martin’s Tango and Wedding Bells, as well as Pierre Beauchant’s Triptic Dance, were performed by all twenty harpists and percussion. Diana Stork and Portia Diwa performed Ms. Stork’s arrangement of Pescadero del Rio Apura, a lovely Venezuelan composition. Dan Levitan and Tamara Mead performed Jay Pierson’s harp duet arrangement of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma. Also featured were Pachelbel’s Canon in D, arranged by McDonald/Wood, Campra’s Rigaudon, arranged by John Escosa, Holst’s Jupiter, arranged by Kim Robertson, Robert Barclay’s Mission at Santa Fe, and the Louck’s arrangement of Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen. We are already looking forward to next year’s continuation of this wonderful tradition.

Review by Tamara Mead


Student Education Sessions
February 11th and March 10th, 2012

Session One Gallery

Karen Thielen with many of the performers after final session.

Our chapter’s third annual Student Education Sessions were held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Jose on February 11 and March 10. The adjudicator was Karen Thielen, harp faculty at San Jose State University and Santa Clara University. The students each received feedback and suggestions from Ms. Thielen after their first performances, and found that the comments given were very helpful providing them the constructive direction to make improvements in their playing in one month. All of them performed beautifully in the second session. Fifteen students participated, representing five teachers, who all attended the sessions, as well. We had all ages and all levels of performers, and they all played extremely well at their levels. The March 10th performances were open to the public and attended by 40-50 people. A reception was held after the performances. It was a wonderful time of fellowship for all ages.

Sonya Yu did an outstanding job organizing the event and keeping it running smoothly. We look forward to continuing this important annual education opportunity. If you or your student missed out on the chance to participate this year, keep it in mind for early next year.

Noel Wan Concert 1/14/12 Review

2011 Event Reviews

January 23rd, Harp Live!

This Harp Live! was truly one of our best ever. Harpists and other musicians, family and friends all gathered in a musical celebration at the home of Linda Rollo in Saratoga. Over 20 people attended and the performers included:

Martha and Lynn Bailey, Lynn introduced his new Medieval harp
Sue and Ken Dinwiddie (harp and flute), Three Coins in a Fountain
Sunny Wu, Reverie by Debussy, and Alwa by Benzecry
Vivian Hsu, Vers la Source dans la Bois by Tournier, and Impromptu by Reinhold
Wesley Hsu, Alwa by Benzecry
Anna Lorenz and her mother, Deborah on piano, Debussy Danses

Beverly Gaines also spoke to the group about her work playing the harp in hospitals. Others in attendance were Bob Fonda, David and Linda Rollo, Colleen Tapia and guest, and families and friends of the performers.

May 14, 2011, String Fever Concert

More than 50 people attended the second annual "String Fever" harp ensemble and organ concert given by members of Silicon Valley of the AHS on Saturday, May 14th at Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Jose. Fourteen of our chapter harpists performed in the ensemble, as well as organist Lynn Bailey. Linda Wood Rollo and Dan Levitan performed a lovely duet medley of Strauss Waltzes. The ensemble selections included Canon in D, The Mission at Santa Fe, Wisdom, Rhapsodie #3 on a Breton Melody, Great Day, Two Hebrew Melodies, and the world premiere performance of Ravel's Bolero, arranged for multiple harps and organ by Paul Hurst.

The audience was very appreciative, and more than $1000 was raised at the concert toward the Student Scholarship Fund of the Silicon Valley Chapter. Many of the scholarship donations were given in the name of Beverly Hargis, Linda Rollo's mother, who, very sadly had passed away five days before the concert.

Chapter member who performed included: Martha Bailey, Annamarie Bettisworth, Tily Chao, Sue Dinwiddie, Bob Fonda, Carol Holsinger, Paul Hurst, Dan Levitan, Anna Lorenz, Tamara Mead, Linda Rollo, Lynne Rovin, Krista Strader, and Colleen Tapia. Videos of the concert have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed by searching "Silicon Valley Harp" on

September 24, 2011, Lipman Duo



Fall Chapter Kick-Off