Harp Links

American Harp Society (AHS)

The American Harp Society is our parent organization with local chapters throughout the United States. AHS hosts a national conference held biennially and holds yearly competitions at the Summer Institute or the National Conference. Many awards are made possible through the AHS Foundation, publisher of The American Harp Journal.

Bay Area Chapter of the AHS (BACAHS)

The Bay Area Chapter is our neighboring AHS chapter centered in the city, North Bay, and east San Francisco Bay regions.

Silicon Valley Arts Coalition (SVAC)

The Silicon Valley Arts Coalition is made up of arts organizations that represent the ethnic diversity of the Santa Clara Valley and five main art disciplines: dance, music, visual art, drama and literary arts. The mission of the Coalition is to increase visibility through the media and expand audiences for small budget arts organizations.


Artsopolis is a Silicon Valley Entertainment News Site that serves as a database resource. The organization provides information about the arts and cultural events in the Silicon Valley, including classes, events, and half-price tickets.

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC)

The ISFHC was started in 1985 by a group of folks that wanted to share their music, ideas, and skills to further the musical capabilities of the folk harp. Almost uniquely, the folk harp community combines the world of the professional and novice player with that of the instrument maker. The Society exists to provide information, performance, and learning opportunities in the richness of the various forms of the harp as it is known throughout the world. The Society is also publisher of The Folk Harp Journal.

Harpers Hall & Culinary Society

Harpers Hall is a chapter of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC), based in the San Francisco South Bay area and Central California Coast. The society promotes an appreciation of the folk harp, cultivates its living musical traditions, and strives to preserve the fun and magic of the harp for members and the general public.

Bay Area Folk Harp Society (BAFHS)

The Bay Area Folk Harp Society is a chapter of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC), centered in the San Francisco East Bay area, in Berkeley. It is a guild of professionals and hobbyists who collectively provide a pool of harp expertise, mutual support, and outlets for musical exploration in the San Francisco Bay area. They strive to foster an appreciation of the folk harp as a musical instrument and a living cultural tradition.

Harps, Etc.

Harps, Etc. is the only harp center in Northern California dedicated to serving harpists of all ages and experience. They provide lever and pedal harp sales, rentals, music, strings, accessories, lessons, and repairs. The center offers Rent to Own and Bounty Programs and free “Try the Harp” classes are offered on a monthly basis.

The American Harp Journal

The American Harp Journal's mission is to produce a magazine for the membership containing articles and columns designed to inform members and to leave an accurate record of the activities of the AHS and current issues in the harp world. This material may include (but is not limited to) biographies of major figures of the past and present, bibliographies, historical studies, listings of publications and recordings, articles of educational content for students and teachers, and articles concerning construction and maintenance of the harp.

Harp Column Magazine

Harp Column magazine is published bi-annually and offers practical advice for harpists of all levels. From articles on musical compositions, harp carts, and harp-mobiles (cars that work best for carrying your harp!) to harp maintenance tips and interviews with well-known harpists, there is truly something for everyone.

Multi-Cultural Music Fellowship (MCMF)

The MCMF provides support for interactions between World Musical Traditions with a focus on the harp. It seeks to increase appreciation and respect for different cultures through musical communication. In 1990, the MCMF started the Festival of Harps concert series to bring the different races, styles, and periods together on one stage and to show the basic unity of the human spirit through the harp. The Festival of Harps brings together master musicians from places as diverse as Paraguay, Ireland, China, Germany, and Peru.