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For Sale: Lyon & Healy Style 17, #2666 - Gold and Cobalt Blue harp. This harp was originally built in 1924. It is a truly lovely looking and unique gold harp with an interesting history which includes being used by Paul McCartney. The harp is a dark cobalt blue which sets off the gold gorgeously. The harp shows beautifully but will require work to bring it to playing condition. It needs a new sounding board. The action could also use a re-riveting but can be used as is. It has not been played in more than 25 years. The harp is being price accordingly - taking into consideration all of these issues. Asking price: $10,500 or best offer. (Mike Lewis and Karen Gottlieb are familiar with the harp. Mike can discuss the options on what can be done to bring the harp to playing condition for a very limited budget. His current estimate is $2500, which would include stabilizing the sounding board and crack, restringing and a regulation. Please contact the owner directly for more details and the full appraisal: Joan Firestone, San Rafael. 415-823-7976.
For Sale: Lyon & Healy Harp, Style 20, #268. Bronze column and base with Gold accent rings, an extended soundboard (added when body and soundboard were replaced in 1949). Appraisal value (for sale "as is") = $4500 OBO. This is the same size as a L&H Style 15, but with carving and gilding. Built circa 1900 with 45 strings. Most recently in 1967 received a new neck, soundboard and re-rivet, and the column was refinished in bronze and gold rings. Cosmetically, the harp shows beautifully, in virtually perfect condition. The harp has not been played or maintained in more than 30 years. To be expected, the strings are old and need replacing. The neck is showing signs of twisting and the rivets are clicking, but these are NOT serious problems and can all be worked with. However, the main concern with the harp is that it needs the baseboard reset. The coast of this repair by Lyon and Healy harps in Chicago is $3000, which would also include a regulation and a new set of strings. It is a relatively inexpensive fix and would make the harp totally playable, giving it many years of life. (Mike Lewis may be able to do it slightly cheaper and save shipping costs as well.) The instrument is something to consider fixing-up and using as a second gig harp (easy to move) with that 'old world gold look' clients love...or to have as a teaching instrument, rental harp or maybe for a student. It is possible that the harp may prove a gem, once repairs have been made, but hard to know since it has not been used/tuned in many years and some strings are missing. The harp has been very fairly priced with all repair needs reflected in the asking price. The owner is eager to sell to the right buyer. Karen Gottlieb has done the appraisal and write-up of this harp, located in Davis, CA. Please contact the owner, Barbara Meierhenry at, 530-753-8032 for more details, a full appraisal and more photos of the harp. You may also contact Karent Gottlieb for more information about her comments/appraisal of the instrument.
For Sale: Lyon and Healy Style 85 Semi-Grand with extended sound board, 46 strings, in mahogany finish. Built in 2008. Regulated by Mike Lewis in July 2018 Brand new set of new strings restrung, bright and full sound. A harp dolly and the L&H black dust cover included. Asking $15,500. Contact Sonya Yu for questions or viewing., 408-666-7899.
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For Sale: New Camac Clio, mahogany finish, 44 strings. Manufactured and delivered November 2017 and rarely played. It has a bright, even and rich sound. Comes with the full set (3 pieces) of heavy duty covers. Asking $12,650. Contact Sonya Yu for questions and viewing, as well as additional photos., 408-666-7899.
For Sale: Lyon and Healy Style 19 pedal harp, built in 1927, serial #3001. Blonde wood, gold leafing, recently restrung, and in very good condition. It has some wear to the leafing. It has a beautiful, clear sounding upper register, appropriate for chamber music as well as a second chair symphonic position. (A Style 19 is a semi-grand model with 46 strings, similar in size to a Style 17. 70", 70 lbs.) Asking $21,000 but willing to entertain other offers. Contact Joanne Addy at, 510-424-2570. Harp is located in Hercules, CA.
For Sale: Lyon and Healy Style 22, Gold, #1831. Originally built in 1917, in excellent condition with no structural or mechanical problems. The harp was completely rebuilt and refurbished in 1997. It shows beautifully with no cosmetic scratches. The harp has NOT been played or moved since 1998. There has been virtually no 'wear and tear' on the instrument. The strings have been maintained regularly. The harp appears to have a very nice sound, especially in the middle and lower registers, and there is a large space in the top octaves for the hand, making it comfortable to play. To bring the harp into top playing condition, it needs partial restringing and a regulation. The harp has been appraised by Karen Gottlieb. It is located in San Francisco. Asking price is $27,000, and includes a blue 3-piece padded Lyon & Healy transport cover set. For details and a full appraisal, contact owner Rick Osmon, 415-420-4223,

For Sale: Salvi Daphne 46 Mahogany, SN 10387 $10,000. 2 owners.
For Sale: Salvi Daphne 47 EX Natural, SN 13380. $15,000.
2 owners.
For more information on both harps, contact Alexandra Perdew at or call 940-554-9087. Harps are located in Foster City.

For Sale: Salvi Daphne, 40-string harp. Barely used, in good condition. Owner has health issues and is no longer able to play. Asking $7500. Set of strings and harp cover included. Photos available upon request. Contact Dan Levitan, 510-304-1515.


For Sale: Beautiful Dusty Strings Cherry FH36S,
Serial # 15450. Figured cherry with contrasting trim along the cherry soundboard. In pristine condition, like new. Lovely warm sound. Includes harp, tuning key, case, shipping carton, extra strings, padded bench, and Sylvia Woods' Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp book with DVD. New price including accessories is $6883. Asking price $6000 OBO. Contact Chris Berg (owner) at 650-851-8400 or Carol Holsinger (who can send photos) at

For Sale: Gorgeous Triplett lever harp, 36 strings:
nylon with wound metal strings in bass. Hand-carved with mother-of-pearl inlay. Absolutely perfect condition. Padded traveling case, hand-carved tuning wrench, and not-quite full set of spare strings. $5250. Pick-up in San Francisco Bay Area. Flyer with photos. Contact Multicultural Music Fellowship for more photos and details at, 510-548-3326

For Sale: Lyon and Healy Troubador VI, Mahogany, built in 2015.
All around excellent condition and a particularly good tone, according to our teacher, Jacque Venter. Harp is being sold because owner upgraded to a pedal harp. Photos of harp. Asking $3800 (sells for $4400 new). Includes cover. Contact Patrick Brown at 530-304-1390 or (Sacramento area).  

For Sale: Lyon and Healy Troubador with ebony finish, purchased in 2008. Currently located in Palo Alto. Asking $3500. Please contact Leslie Shen at or Carol Holsinger,

For Sale: Triplett Signature 2011 nylon harp, 36 strings,
5 octaves, C to C, 27 pounds, 60:, full Camac levers, comes with tuning key and custom soft case, highly resonant tone, asking $2800 or best offer (new price is $6000).
For Sale: George Leverett 2008 nylon harp, from Altarwind Music in Oregon, 30 strings, 4 octaves, A to G, comes with tuning key and custom carry cover, clear and even tone, asking $1800 (new price was $2400).
Both harps are in excellent condition and are being sold to serve as a down payment on a pedal harp for a student. They both also come with a full set of new strings and lever washers from Robinson's Harp Shop. Both harps can be seen in Livermore. Please inquire with Dominique Diana at 925-455-5333 or Photos can be viewed here. Pictures 1-4 are the Leverett, pictures 5-10 are the Triplett.

For Sale: Pratt Blond Debutante Lever Harp, 36 strings.
Serial #710102. A great starter harp; only 1 owner, originally purchased in 2006. $3000. Includes tuning key and cover. A description and image of the harp can be found at Contact Dan Levitan:, 510-304-1515 (cell).

For Sale: Triplett Folk Harp, 38 strings,
Bubinga wood with Camac levers. It has electronic additions, an extra set of strings and a carrying case with wheels. Asking $3200 or best offer. Original purchase date believed to be 2004. Owner can no longer play for health reason. Photos available. Contact Roger Leventhal, 510-757-6848,


For Rent: Lever harps, 34 strings, Folk style, by Lyon and Healy, and Aida style by Salvi. Contact Sonya Yu at 408-666-7899 or

For Rent: Lever and pedal harps by Dusty Strings, William Rees, Pat O'Loughlin, Salvi, Lyon & Healy. Includes harp, tuning key, case/cover, electronic tuner with pick-up. Contact Carol Holsinger at (650) 326-3146 or
For Rent: Lyon & Healy 85CG, $150/month. Contact Sylvia Wan at (408) 926-5681 or email

For Rent: Lyon & Healy Refurbished Style 14, Gold, $150/mo.
Gorgeous, great tone. Contact Adele Stinson: (650) 868-9486 or

Harps For Rent: Contact Karen Gottlieb, (415) 386-0702,,

Harps Etc. rents, sells and teaches the harp. We carry most major brands so you have the ability to try different harps from different makers in one place to ensure that you get the harp that you love to play. We offer rent-to-own, six months same-as-cash, and long term rental programs. Harps Etc. also carries a large selection of music, strings, and accessories and offers harp regulations and repairs. We are the only full-service harp store on the West Coast! or call 1-800-836-5559.


For Sale: Venus Wooden Shipping Crate for Concert size harp. $200 OBO. Photos available. Contact Roger Leventhal, 510-757-6648, 

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For Sale: Lyon and Healy harp dolly for pedal harps. This pre-owned, sturdy 2-wheel harp dolly allows you to easily transport your harp. It stands 44" tall with 10" diameter wheels and a 4.5" deep and 16 3/4 wide tray. Padded straps with buckles secure your harp in place for transportation. Asking price: $220. Contact Thinh Hong

Harp Technician: Mike Lewis, the Harp Tech. Available for regulations, general maintenance and appraisals.

Lyon and Healy and Salvi Harps Certified Harp Technician: Karen Gottlieb. or 415-386-0702. Regulations, and warranty regulations, general maintenance, appraisals, insurance appraisals and restringing.

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